FastStik For Shops

Turning Your Wax Station Into  A profit center.

The FastStik Shop Block

Shop Block Original

FastStik shop block is a simple, cost effective shop waxing solution. This classic colored shop block is the amazing original FastStik ideal for dark colored bases. Like the original portable FastStik, the classic shop block delivers optimal performance between -10°F - 32°F (-23°C - 0°C). The affordable, durable, tested and proven FastStik shop block is a no brainier for shops that want to increase the sales, speed and quality of their in house wax waxing.

FastStik ShopBlock - Clear

The FastStik Clear Shop Block is ideal for skis and boards with light colored and clear bases. Just like it's darker counterpart it preforms best between -10°F - 32°F (-23°C - 0°C) We've eliminated the waste, mess, and the labor intensive heating/scraping of traditional paraffin based waxes through our scientifically formulated and perfected formula. The durability of Faststik­ is 10 fold that of traditional paraffin based waxes, and costs just pennies per application.and with one block waxing 1500-1800 pairs of skis you can see how quickly FastStik shop blocks turn your ski shop into a serious profit center.

The FastStik Shop Display

FastStik Classic -10°F to 32°F (-23°C to 0°C)

This is it the product that started the revolution. with a huge temperature range -10°F - 32°F (-23°C - 0°C) and amazing performance this product will fly off the shelves. It's an easy add on to any new set of skis or a board. It requires no special equipment, no technical skills and no explanation to apply. 

FastStik Warm 32°F to 50°F (0°C to 10°C

When the snow is warm and your customers are itching to extend their season FastStik Warm is the perfect fit. For unbeatable glide in warmer conditions it has to be FastStik warm. 

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90% of snowsport enthusiasts never wax their bases. Tap into this untouched market with the Faststik shop display. It's an simple, explanation free add on to any new purchase. Unlike traditional paraffin based waxes Faststik protects your bases, so skis or boards last longer and preform better. As a shop owner you can get the amazing, great selling classic FastStik and Faststik Warm for you shop at unbeatable whole sale prices.

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Reach out to FastStik to supercharge your shop and transform your wax station into a serious profit center.  Ramp up production with the ability to completely wax a set of skis or board in under 2 minutes. Eliminating the need for messy waste and labor intensive scraping Faststik is guaranteed to make fans of your wax technicians. Unbeatable durability, and amazing glide will keep your customers coming back for more.