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Why wax my skis or snowboards anyway?

Waxing skis and snowboards enhances your experience on the mountain making turning and gliding much easier and more enjoyable. The use of wax is critical in protecting the longevity and performance of your equipment and works to keep contaminates out of your base. This is particularly important for high-end equipment as many factory bases come with key components such as moly, graphite and Teflon. Without proper waxing these components can be stripped out greatly reducing performance and your overall experience on the mountain. When you wax you ski faster, protect your equipment, and have way more fun.

Why does traditional hot wax feel like it works great for one day then slows down?

There are several reasons why old school waxes seem to work great for one day then quickly drop off in performance. The primary problem with traditional wax is that it is created from a paraffin base. This type of wax is soft and has high oil content that pulls in debris such as dirt, ash, bark, or anything that else that may be in the snow. These debris end up in the base of your equipment which can create drag and permanent damage in your skis or snowboard.

Typically, the soft nature of these paraffin waxes only last for 15-20 hard runs before being used up. This is why traditional hot wax feels great at first but fades after a day of use. Another reason old school hot wax might fizzle off after a day of use is that paraffin based waxes are tailored to fit a specific temperature range. For example, if your hot wax is rated for 0° - 10° and the temperature rises to 15° your glide will begin to fail. FastStik eliminates these problems by using a highly concentrated microfilm polymer blend that is a hard material and has a temperature range from -10° to 32°.

How should my base look?

The base of your skis or snowboard should be shiny and black like a vinyl record. If your base looks gray, abraided, or furry it is time to have a professional re-grind the base.

I used FastStik but my bases do not feel fast?

There are many types of snow conditions that can affect how fast your base feels. These range from powder, cascade crud, freshies, champagne powder, corduroy, cream cheese, mush, sludge, slush, etc. Each of these conditions cause a different level of drag or friction on your equipment sometimes making you feel slow. Using FastStik won’t let you shred cascade crud like a groomer but it will give you a faster glide then those using old school hot wax.

Aren’t there other all temperature ski waxes out there?

The term all temperature or universal wax refers to an average temperature wax that works in a slightly wider range than temperature specific wax, and is paraffin based.  FastStik uses micro-film technology that truly works in a wide range of temperatures and provides maximum performance and durability at less cost per application.

What can I use FastStik on?

FastStik works on a wide variety of equipment. The most common use is on Alpine skis, Snowboards, and Nordic bases which are all typically made with Polyethylene. If it runs on snow and you want to move quick FastStik is a great choice.

(Currently FastStik does not make kick wax for classic cross-country skis, however FastStik is great for the glide zone on classic skis and will not migrate from glide zone to contaminate the kick zone.)

Do my brand-new skis need to be waxed?

Yes, if you want to protect the base of your skis or board you should absolutely wax them using FastStik. Skis and snowboards contain raw products such as graphite, moly, and Teflon. Without proper protection those raw products can be stripped out of your base reducing performance and wasting extra money you spent on high quality ski or snowboards.

How often should I apply FastStik to my base?

Whenever you flip your skis over and they do not look shiny you should apply more wax. With FastStik this only takes a few minutes and can be put on anywhere, even on the mountain!   

How much does FastStik cost per application?

FastStik is proud to provide great value to ski & snowboard enthusiast with a cost just $0.65 per application. Compared to $20 for a traditional wax that wears off after a day of use FastStik is a no brainer.

Can I use FastStik on top of my traditional hot wax?

Absolutely, FastStik works great as a standalone product and as a performance booster on top of your other favorite ski and snowboard wax. This makes FastStik great for mid-day tune ups or your primary ski waxing solution.

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February 25, 2019

This wax is great! I absolutely hate scraping wax and the mess associated with it. With this you dont have to scrape!!! And it feels just like a regular good hot wax. Also great customer service. Thanks guys.

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